Safety By Design® software 1.3 Full access version is available

Innovative features to investigate molecules and active ingredients with activity profiling, predictive toxicology, automated reports, NAM (New Approach Method) workflow and 3D Visualizer.


User friendly interface to gather knowledge on chemical(s) with :

🔹 Activity Profiling

🔹 Predictive toxicology

🔹 NAM workflow

🔹 Automated reports

🔹 3D Visualizer

Getting immediate benefits

✔️ Getting simultaneously activity and toxicity profiles

✔️ Produce predictive scientific data: earlier, cheaper, more effective and faster

✔️ Guiding relevant experimental assessments

✔️ Alternative to animal testing

✔️ Compliance with regulatory requirements

✔️ Find alternatives to toxic substances

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Prices (excluding VAT)

  • 4,800€ for one seat
    (instead of 48,000€)

Annual license

  • Activity Profiling
  • Predictive toxicology
  • NAM
  • 3D Visualizer
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